Gaesmal’s Diary: MarSHEEP Faulk Invite!

Hi again Dear Diary, (yes, I have a bit of time today so I write you twice, I know you’ve been missing me),

I have to tell you about last Blitzkriegers’ game, it’s been brilliant (well to me at least) !

Least I can say is that MarSHEEP knows how to look after someone !

When I arrived to the stadium, first flash : it was huuuuuge and beautiful !! Nothing to do with the potatoe field that we also use as a stadium. Great arena, builded on three levels with plenty of fans and funny stuffs. They even have pump rooms for fans to be more enthusiastic ! I was very impressed, THAT is what we call a pro team stadium. I guess Didi felt the same, but he’s probably ok ; he’s an expert in shame now and certainly knows better than anyone how to deal with it. But the better was yet to come : As dark elves all sat on a bench, I was in a luxury box !! And luxury is not a vain word. Bretonian wine (that remind me of my Mr Drumph meeting, but unfortunatly it didn’t help me to remind what did I promise to him about witches), dark elves sweets, woodies whor… courtesans (I didn’t dare to approach them though, there are way too many rumors about their hygiene). The whole box looked designed to make you feel important. I had a good crap watching my ex team mates being wrecked, at least Stunty can’t tell that I am the jinxer anymore, as I wasn’t on his side this time. I have to say he upseted me saying this, that was unfair. So, I listened to MarSHEEP advice and watched it with taking a « few steps back from the field ». And this is crazy how it is much more enjoyable this way !! I really want to thank him again for this. We also had very interesting conversations together, here are a few samples of it :

« So Gaesmal (you allow me to call you Gaesmal, right?), what do you think of that team ?

– It is sincerily becoming as beautiful as your stadium, dear MarSHEEP (you allow me to call you MarSHEEP, right?). I heard you had a few loss but it seems like it was almost a chance to develop other players, no ?

– Are you talking about myself ?

– Oh no, NO, not at all ! Errr… »

———- Embarassing Silence —————

« So you told me you were training youngsters yourself ?

– Yup, but it’s more to be usefull to society – we all know Blood Bowl is one of the pilars of our modern societies – than a real long term project. And what I like with children is that they are passionned but they don’t really suffer yet from this game

– I trained kids once, you might have heard about it ; you’re right, we only had three deads and that’s all !

– You drove children to death ????

– Yeah, of course !!! That’s a good crap, isn’t it ?

– No. »

———-Embarassing Silence————


———- Embarassing Silence—————–

« Look at that mighty blow !! That arrogant Banlaen looks dead, yeah ! Oh wait, the apo is coming…

– Are you wishing bad things to your ex teammates ?

– Yes, all the time ! Why, don’t you too?


———-Embarassing Silence———

« Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! Leave me alone !

– Oh come on miss, don’t be shy !!

– Leave that waitress alone please, Gaesmal !

– But she reminds me of Xiaoyan he he

– And leave that Betonian wine bottle too

– Oh come on, just one more, my mother always told me that…

– No.

– Pfffff…. Beast.

– WHAT ?

– Errr… I said East ! Pass your ball to the East, Lildhil !!!

– I prefer…

——- Embarassing Silence————-

«  This is it… THIS IS IT !!! COME ON LILDHIL, JUST SHOW THOSE CHAOS GUYS HOW SUPERIOR WE AR…. Just show that guys we could become serious challengers in a more or less distant future ?

– … »

——-Embarassing Silence ———–

As you can see Dear Diary, I could be as good as an ambassador as I am an as assistant coach. I really like those public relations stuff, I might move to it in the future… We’ll see. Anyway, I’m so glad of that MarSHEEP meeting that I feel unable to thank him enough. Those chaos guys are great guys ! Even if I like them even more KO’d…

See you Dear Diary !!


  1. It was very, very funny!!! 🙂 The embarrassed silences are perfect. I also think the, “Beast/What?/I said pass to the East,” exchange, was hilarious!

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