Gaesmal’s Diary: My moment of glory (until a best one)

Hi Dear Diary,

I’m sure you already knew we were playing Granite City Grimbeards yesterday, as any decent MML fan should. Let me tell you that Dear Diary; for once I really need to tell you more than about my role during this Mayhem. Nuffle… We just avoided the worse, but the hardest is still to come, thinking of it. For once (do not get use to it Diary), I won’t tell you how I felt but more about Stunty’s feelings. I thought it could be even more interesting… But I let you judge.

When we arrived at the stadium, Stunty was extremely confident, and this was spreading to the whole team. Not that coach was overconfident, he never really is; but just because -and on that point I agree with him- self confidence was what the whole team needed from their boss before a deadly game against dwarves. “Guys, you just do what you did last week, and then we celebrate and go back home! As simple as that” was he repeating around to anyone who was willing to listen to him. I start to know him quite well, but I didn’t notice at that moment that it was his own way to get rid of his own fear…

Actually I can tell now that he was really afraid of this game, as all that will follow as a matter of fact. I should have noticed that winning the toss but giving the ball to opponent was traducing his lack of confidence, trying a new stuff at a moment when you are supposed to have certitudes. “I want to keep the initiative on second half”, said he; like we really could have had the initiatives on second half, if we lose players during first one… But wait and see.

So the ball were kicked by Banlaen and the whole team, traducing coach’s confidence, set up so they could take advantage of any opponent’s mistake. Clever uh? Well not that much… I won’t write the whole half, but just know that Xiayoan (Stunty’s real life wife first name, just new it yesterday), Lildhil (Lildhil!!!!!) and even my own cousin was taken out during it, and 5 other players went ko’d meanwhile… We took way too many risks. And the craziest is: it’s been wanted. When Didi chose to kick off, he was expecting to use those 8 turns to counter and score. But as time was going by, he quickly understood his opponent wouldn’t give him a real good opportunity to do so, and stucking up to his plan, he started to do everything to push his opponent to mistake, including having almost the entire team in opponents’ tackle zone… Every serious hit, instead of making him changing his mind, was comforting him on the idea that “scoring when kicking worth the sacrifice” so let’s go like this one more turn… And only few almost”decent” occasions came, but weren’t seized by Blitzkriegers. And ice again, for how many risks!! The only little thing that we gain was going back to locker with a 0-0 score, but what about second half??? Only three players left on the pitch, and our two star players were out!

So thanks to sponge and Nuffle, we started second half with a 0-0 score and… 5 players vs 11 mighty dwarves. Even then, Coach Stunty was still looking confident. “Let’s go guys! I’ve already scored being totally outnumbered, go for the draw… At least! Score guys, and three guys might come back for next kick off! Glory is just here lying at your feet; won’t you grab it and f’orc it properly??”. Thankfully, our captain Strong Tamlaen was still with us, and he had the eye of those who don’t expect anything else than playing the purest, the highest, the mightiest last game they would play, if it was to be the real last one. Guys set up, I can tell, I can tell that their will had something really heroic; I almost cried seeing them so brave, Dear Diary. So… So as they were trying to build a proper attack after kick off, I went to the ref, and whispered to his ear “It would be a crying shame something happens to your daughter… Lucy is that it? She’s so cute, when she takes Malekith’s Street to go to Jeremiah Kool High School… I hope no one bad intentioned would know that.”. The ref looked straight at me, and whistled. Apparently ball wasn’t an official one! I went back to bench shouting “We’ve got  concede” and at that very moment, Stunty was jumping off the bench shouting “We’ve got a replay!”. I asked him why wouldn’t we take the concede we were offered, he answered that it would be a crying shame if something happened to my son… And that it was the very last time I would do a stuff like this, even if this time he thanks me for it.



  1. I still just utterly love Gaesmal…. Trying to take plays from his gypsy cousin?? Just F’orcing it up, though….

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