GAPS get their guy!

Despite a opening day win on the road, the storm clouds were rolling in at the Broken Bridge and trouble was on the horizon.

The feud between CEO Snead Halftail and his counterpart at Godzilla Adhesives Production and Sales (GAPS) had begun to turn ugly, and the club found themselves within six halves of Blood Bowl, of a costly and potentially season changing financial penalty for breach of contract.

That feud however is over.

Our beloved Broken Things, are proud to announce, that immediately following match day 2, they were able to contact GAPS with details of the star, the franchises first truly “Broken Thing”, and arrangements were fast tracked enabling the shoot for their promotional material to be completed the following morning.

As such, the legal issues have been resolved, the proposed fine has been stood down, and all is good at the club prior to next weeks top of the table clash versus our tailed brothers from Crackers n Cheese.

They would also at this time, wish to address rumours surrounding the “unfortunate” injury suffered by our beloved #2 Bam Bam.

CEO Snead Halftail made the following comment on the matter

“It has been brought to our attention, that several vicious and ungrounded rumours, surrounding the unfortunate injury suffered by our beloved Saurus, Bam Bam, during our recent match versus the Dino Clones have been circulating over the past 48 hours.

These rumours suggest that the club may have been complicit in working with the Dino Clones to maximise the chances of an injury occurring during the game.

Reports that coach Munk, encouraged his counterpart on at least one occasion during the match, to instruct his Kroxigar to needlessly “pile on” with abandon were grossly exaggerated.

Unfortunately audio of the games live stream has been misled or we would have been able to conclusively prove this to be the case.

It is also the case that whilst we can not deny that the Apo was not dispatched to deal with the injury, despite being free and available to do so, that this was solely down to an issue with the stadium clock leading to the timer running down before he had the chance to be summoned as opposed to any desire on the clubs part to cause injury to any of our playing staff.

This club would never put finances before player safety and health.

We are, by the very ethos of the club, a organisation based on providing a second chance to injured lizards, NOT a club who’s aim is to caused such insults to them.”

On a brighter note, the club have also advised us of some further upcoming news.

The first of these stories is the announcement that, in celebration of our first home match next week, the club has decided to introduce both a club mascot and half time entertainment in one.

This mascot has been named, as a tribute to our first Broken Thing and the coach of the club who made him the Lizard he is today.

This mascot will be henceforth known as BAM BAM BLUESUN!

Bam Bam Bluesun will no doubt become a huge favourite amongst the fanbase, and too increase interaction between mascot and the fans, especially our younger lizards, a new half time event is to be introduced, the BAM BAM BASH.

This event will kick off with our mascot making his way to the mid point of the field. Ten lucky Lizards will then be chosen from the stands. On the sounding of the horn, these lizards will have 3 mins to earn themselves a memento from the game. Any part of the mascot costume they remove, will be theirs to take home. The costume will be obviously repaired between matches, with the completion of these repairs being assisted by our friends at GAPS.

The means of entry to the draw? Simple. All prospective participants need do is register through the purchase of a BAM BAM BAT, which will be available from all our concession stalls for the minimal sum of 8 gold pieces.

As of yet, we understand that the club have been unable to obtain a volunteer to don this suit, but options are being considered.

The other news ….. well firstly as of next week we plan to introduce a short meet the players segment in the Herald …. and finally and most excitingly of all, CEO Snead Halftail has informed us that he is confident that the club will be unvailing a new star in the next week to ten days.

This announcement has been delayed somewhat as Snead has had to take a short trip out of town.
Whilst he was unwilling to expand on the nature of this trip, he tells us, on his return all will become clear and a new star should be joining the roster.

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