Garden of Morr

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So coach, how do ya like ya new home?” asked Da-Runt as he led Coach Gerdleah into the home of the team he was being asked to coach. “They called Ubersreik Flamers and we ave high hopes for em. Well one of the ratties jumps high.”

They had walked for several miles through tunnel after tunnel, until they came to an opening which lead out the side of the mountain. The smell of burnt flesh was in the air and the site awaiting Coach Gerdleah was not something he had been expecting.  What once was a small forest  or wooded area was burnt to a crisp. The remains of a few trees were still standing but even those were horribly burnt and showed no sign of life.  Down the hill they both walked. The smell just grew more intense with each passing step.

They began to pass some burnt out buildings. Some small homes had been built close to the mountain but what was left was uninhabitable. Some small piles of ash were nearby. Still smoking and giving off a hideous stench. Huge mountain trolls were moving around, carrying small burdens on their shoulders. These were added to new pyres that had been built and the smell of burning flesh pierced Gerdleah’s nostrils. “My boys are on clean up duty. Getting the area all cleared before we construct some stands and get a pitch marked out. Need to get training the mingy rats. Teach them how to play blood bowl ya ken?”

Coach Gerdleah was pulled away from the clean up around him by this comment. “What do you mean, teach them? I thought you had me a team?”. Da-Runt stopped short and poked the coach in the chest. Well as far up as he could reach anyway. “You will make ’em a team. They were part of this army meant to take that humie city you see ova there. Where we are, they called this place Garden of Morr. So I figure that’s what we call the stadium.”  Round the clearing, there were still some remains of statues that had been precisely placed. The land they were walking on was perfectly flat. At one end the beginnings of a stand was being constructed by a team of goblins. “Work will go on day an night as we get it ready. When da moon comes up my night gobbos will keep on building. We stole da design of the Scramblers ground to make da rats feel at home. Won’t be as big, but maybe someday if the rats do well. Close to da tunnels so eazy access for rat fans to come see”. 

The continued to walk through what was left of the once heavily wooded area at the bottom of the mountain. After they walked past the partially constructed stand, Coach Gerdleah caught sight of the skaven team that he was going to be coaching. A practice area had been set up. One rat was practicing throwing the ball. It was doing ok but they would need to get a hold of the mechanical arm that skaven throwers were famed for using.  The storm vermin were throwing themselves at hay filled mannequin’s.  One had a deadly looking claw on its hand and was tearing them up. Though he was moving with a slight limp. “That rat looks like it needs an apothecary”, he mentioned to Da-Runt. “Has seen one. Had to replace the leg as it got speared real bad. That leg is just a little shorter than the other as we couldn’t find another rat close to same size. Reduced his speed a bit but the warpstone he got to ‘elp the healing process produced that nasty claw and the horns. Worth it, eh? Ova there tho is the rat I was telling ya about. Jumps real high. Springs right ova ya ‘ead no bother. Name is Psst Vrrr or something. So we call ‘im Peasant Venom. Make their names scary. Time to introduce ya.”.

The rats were being watched by a few of the mountain trolls, forming a loose perimeter around the training field. The trolls started to herd the skaven closer as Da-Runt strolled across the field. As Gerdleah got closer, one of the gutter runners started to get excited and rubbing its hands together, “Good little greenskin, bringing us some nice elf to eat this time!”

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