Get down with the Sickness…

It had been a season that had not been kind to the Champions of Pappa Nurgle… the captain of Sick Beats had been dispatched in game one, Appetite for Dysentry being the first to return to the biosphere. The rest of the supposed stalwarts of the Beats also suffered during the season, Heart Shaped Pox taking a withering blow to the noggin and new signing, Melchett requiring significant blessings on his knees to simply get through games.

Most galling of all was a seedling of Nurgle… he had shown surprising evolution under Coach Thunden, well known for favouring the unusual agility style of play… alas… it did not last long. Audunnfriâr, one who was raised from the infestation, sadly perished as the Beats were punished for the previous sins of their coach by Coach Shakeydog. Not to mention the absolute decimation of some of the most fragrant viruses under the boots of the heartless dwarven slayers of Coach Hawca.

Even with these significant bumps in the pustulent road… the Beats managed to qualify for the prestigious post season of Season 29.

The team felt barely ready for such heights… until the virulent soothings of Pappa Nurgle were felt across the training marshes… Whispers of High Elves of such delicious gifts that one could almost say they themselves were mutated. Yellow Fever Submarine awoke from his soporific intrasepction… he was a Beast who was remarkably insightful dontcha know… he had been blessed by grandpa multiple times and ached to hug some of those beautiful elves.

As one the team pulsated with a sickening green glow as they made ready to do battle with Coach Iamdimarko… a well respected and resourceful coach… could he handle the full blessings of old gramps?

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