Get To Know Your Coach !!!!!

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I apologise for the late publishing of the article this time folks, I’ve had a very busy week or so but finally I can bring to you another exciting installment of Get To Know Your Coach!!!! This week’s victim is known to every man, woman and beast in the MML. Although only been with us a couple of seasons he has certainly made an impact on the league with his regular announcing and terrible singing!! I just love to wind this chap up, he brings out the devil in me!! It is of course,

TEDDYTOM !!!!!!!


Coach name: Teddytom

Location: London, England

Current team: Undead But worse

Seasons with the MML: 2 (missed out season 8 but played in season 9)

Favourite bloodbowl team: None. I like all the teams.

Favourite other sports teams and which sport: Chelsea FC for football. Jacksonville Jaguars American Football.

Favourite bloodbowl race: Underworld

Favourite bloodbowl moment: Winning my First blood bowl tournament with underworld

Worst bloodbowl moment: Can’t think of anything.

Funniest bloodbowl moment: I drew 3-3 agaisnt an Orc team after we both scored 2 1TTD with goblin throws without any re-rolls

Describe yourself in three words: Never Give Up

Favourite toy as a child: Playstation

Favourite cartoon as a child: South Park

Favourite band or musician: Disturbed

Favourite food: Blue Steak

Favourite drink: Lemonade

Favourite film: Predator

Favourite book:The Best in the World: At What I Have No Idea

Favourite animal: Crocodile

Favourite place you’ve visited: Cyprus

Place you’d like to visit : America (New York, Arizona, Seattle)

Tell us something about yourself we don’t already know: My coach name is the nickname my Dad says to me most of the time.

Any special skills/talents? Helping others and giving advice to people. College degree in IT and Media with A*s

In a movie of your life who’d play you: James Mcavoy

What’s on your bucket list: To make new friends in the MML and to make it into the Pro’s this season smiley



Well I’m sure JoFro will be happy with that result!!! He really is a TT fanboy!!! Keep the votes coming in guys!!

Hairy out!

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