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Here we go ! Got off the press! Another exciting installment of Get To Know Your Coach !!!!! Voting and interest appears to be slowing down in this segment though guys and I’m I’m two minds whether to continue, but Hairy always has other projects in the go!!

Ok, this week is one of my favourite coaches and must say one of my personal favourites to announce with during a match. Known for his tricksy, elvish ways, and one of our longstanding and established names here in the mml. This week it’s the turn of,





Coach name – ReznorRulesYou (No I don’t rule you, Trent does!)

Location – Uniontown, Pennsylvania USA

Current team – Stop Rolling Ones!!!

Seasons with the MML – 6…15…50…who keeps track of these things?!

Favourite bloodbowl team – Dignity. I still miss their stories!

Favourite other sports teams and which sport – Steelers NA Football, Penguins – Hockey

Favourite bloodbowl race – Wood Elves of course!!

Favourite bloodbowl moment – Probably the like .9% play against Doneagle in the semis of S8. I was getting Nuffled pretty hard and (at least I hope) taking it well while we were chatting. The whole game flipped on a ridiculous play and Don never skipped a beat, he just kept having a good time. That’s what I hope for in every game.

Worst bloodbowl moment – Terry Bruise dying at the hands of Shawn Michaels after I decided to stall for a turn.

Funniest bloodbowl moment – Anytime More_Shots and I get together for some Gentleman Gobbo Tossing!

Describe yourself in three words – I like elves!

Favourite toy as a child – Anything to do with NInja Turtles

Favourite cartoon as a child – X-Men

Favourite band or musician – Nine Inch Nails

Favourite food – Steak

Favourite drink – Yuengling

Favourite film – American Beauty

Favourite book – Hitchiker’s Guide

Favourite animal – Dog

Favourite place you’ve visited – Anywhere I can go camping

Place you’d like to visit – Space

Tell us something about yourself we don’t already know – I like to cook

Any special skills/talents? – I play some instruments sometimes

In a movie of your life who’d play you – Seth Rogen

What’s on your bucket list – Convincing everyone to play elves!


Thunden, I don’t need hair when I have a trophy!


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