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Wow ! Wow ! Wow ! Thats right folks, it’s our regular coach section here at MMLPRO.COM and this week is one of our long standing coaches who comes and goes as he pleases! He disappeared for a short while before being welcomed back into the community. To most of us he is just “git” please feel free to insert whichever adjective you wish in front of that!! It’s is of course,.

MGITEAU12 !!!!!!



Coach name: MGiteau12

Location: Wolverhampton, UK

Current team: Dead Metal

Seasons with the MML: 1 (Fresh Princes), 2 (Roquefort Ramblers), 3 & 7 (Royal Rat Authority), 8 & 9 (Dead Metal)

Favourite bloodbowl team: Princes of Arioch

Favourite other sports teams and which sport: Leinster Rugby Club, Hurricanes, All Blacks (All Rugby Union)

Favourite bloodbowl race: Skaven, for the sheer mixture of speed, power, risk and fragility. My first true love in bloodbowl, the race that really started it all after a brief and misguided fling with Dwarves!

Favourite bloodbowl moment: On a personal level, my CL QF match with VpowerV last season – 2 1/2 hours of two evenly matched coaches going head to head, no quarter asked or given, no crazy dice. Easily the most intense and rewarding game I’ve played. As a spectator, Princes taking the s6 title was just rewards for Sacer and a great team.

Worst bloodbowl moment: Too many to list! Probably my game on the Ramblers vs the undefeated Frozen Thrones of JokertheFourth – Going into the game, I really felt I could upset the odds nd get the win needed for a playoff spot. Pitch invasion turn 1 wipes my team out, leaves his untouched, followed by 16 turns of getting marmalised by Dwarves. Good times!

Funniest bloodbowl moment: For me, it’s a game of highs and lows, but generally not humourous – I tend to find extreme bouts of misfortune suffered by Leathyndra the funniest, much like I’m sure he does with me!

Describe yourself in three words: Play to win

Favourite toy as a child: Lego, Chess set (though not really a toy)

Favourite cartoon as a child: My parents didn’t really let me watch them – I loved the Crystal Maze as a kid. As an adult, love Yu-Gi-Oh, because Kaiba!

Favourite band or musician: This changes all the time, but I’d say Radiohead, Metallica & Pendulum occupy these spots

Favourite food: Lasagne

Favourite drink: Orange Tango, got a crippling addiction to the stuff

Favourite film: Heat – The ultimate head to head between 2 guys who are masters of their chosen profession, and 2 actos right at the top of their game.

Favourite book: The Happiness Hypothesis – Jonathan Haidt

Favourite animal: The Hyena

Favourite place you’ve visited: Innsbruck, Austria

Place you’d like to visit: Dallas, Texas

Tell us something about yourself we don’t already know: I value the contest more than the win, no matter what I’m doing. Fight hard, fight fair.

Any special skills/talents? I am / was a formidable chess player, I have a useful, but sometimes crippling ability to recall information (learning to play chess young honed that talent, 100%)

In a movie of your life who’d play you: Edward Norton, for the disaffected world weariness

What’s on your bucket list: Find some true meaning in this madness!





Thanks again guys n gals!! Keep the votes coming in!!

Laters !!

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