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A quiet week in votes this week but at the final count it was a draw between two of our esteemed coaches! I let fate decide the victor at the toss of a coin and smiled when I saw the result. This week truly is one of our homegrown celebrities. His southern charms have enlightened and entertained us season after season across the airwaves. He’s the Mouth in the South, one of the MML’s “Lannisters”, he has recently made his mark on the world by becoming a daddy!!! It is of course,



Coach name – Thunden

Location – Deepest Darkest Hampshire, England

Current team – The Weeping Widowmakers
Seasons with the MML – 9 seasons of wonderment!

Favourite bloodbowl team – New Orcland Grunts/Bill Cowher Power Hour – their stories and the history of their players are just another level. However there are some really interesting new teams coming up that I like, Speedo Heroes, Red Eye Mountain Ladz, Hergig Hornets – great writing and I commend those coaches and all the others that are building their franchise stories. Kudos that’s what it’s all about here, writing your story.

Favourite other sports teams and which sport – Rugby (proper Rugby not this league rubbish…!), I am a season ticket holder at Harlequins where I take the old man to. Proud England rugby fan. Like cricket and boxing too. Used to like football but it’s all about money and cheating and is a non contact sport now, lost interest.

Favourite bloodbowl race – Nurgle, pustulent, orrible, unpredictable

Favourite bloodbowl moment – Losing to Harrelsons twice last season but for two different reasons. First game was a lightbulb moment for me. Lou beat me fair and square and because it was so tense he was concerned about showing he was happy – that shouldn’t ever be the case. We’re playing a game to enjoy ourselves, he had earnt it and we had a good chat about it that made me love our community more and made me less stressed about the game in general.
The 2nd game was the semi final, the furthest I’d ever got… huge game right? Nope! Lou and I were in chat and we had one of the most fun games I have played in and a really enjoyable chat in channel. Lost 3-1 both times. It was an absolute pleasure.

Worst bloodbowl moment – Leaving the Green Tide Titans after 6 seasons… gut wrenching.

Funniest bloodbowl moment – telling NTB99 at Pubcast that I’d sold Gorbag to New Orcland Grunts and that he would be playing the following season and likely beating Han Tavirus to legendary. Classic response.

Describe yourself in three words – Loyal, stubborn and dependable

Favourite toy as a child – Jazz one of the G1 Transformers

Favourite cartoon as a child – Transformers the Movie!!!!! Bah weep grah nah weep ninny bong!!! One shall stand, one shall fall….!

Favourite band or musician – Terrorvision. Pure bouncy fun rock. Best live band ever.
Favourite food – Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, parsnips and all the trimmings.

Favourite drink – Nice cup of tea, milk and one sugar

Favourite film – Blues Brothers

Favourite book – Lord of the Rings, ticks all my boxes. Notable mention : Brentford Trilogy (5 books), Dark Tower Series.

Favourite animal – my faithful companion Mojo (Springer Spaniel and nemesis of chickens)

Favourite place you’ve visited – Barbados. Lucky enough to have worked there for 5 beautiful years.

Place you’d like to visit – Out in the far East one of those Beach resorts where you stay in the chalets on stilts and a little dude paddles up and delivers your breakfast through the hatch in the bottom of the chalet. Only if I can go for a month though. Other than that Whistler for skiing.

Tell us something about yourself we don’t already know – most know I have been in an appalling film. I’ve been playing computer games with Shakytumbleweed for 30+ years, we used to live in the same road and grew up together.

Any special skills/talents? – It’s been said I have a phd in annoying people. I do take great relish in it but I try to keep it out of discord, and save it for when I meet people in the pub. Ask NTB, Fnordy or Don! I fancy myself a bit of a chef in the kitchen. I need some serious training in fatherhood however!!!

In a movie of your life who’d play you? No choice. Tom Kettering. Failing that I’ve been told Nicolas Cage.

What’s on your bucket list? – Go to Chicago and visit the sites of the Blues Brothers movie, complete a Lions tour trilogy, direct a dramatic performance – I’d like to direct Tom Stoppards play Bouncers.


There you have it folks!! Ol’ Thundy Pants!!


Keep your votes coming in please guys! Until next time, Laters 😉







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  1. “Place you’d like to visit – Out in the far East one of those Beach resorts where you stay in the chalets on stilts and a little dude paddles up and delivers your breakfast through the hatch in the bottom of the chalet”

    The 1st thing that sprung to my mind was a scene from Deerhunter! lol

  2. I know its perspective but you has a tiny left hand :0)
    I saw Terrorvision at download 2012, awesome band.
    And I did Bouncers for my GCSE drama , really fun to play but couldn’t tell who which guy I played :0S

  3. Favourite place to visit? Do those places even exist?
    Thanks for the honourable mention, the Ladz will be pleased of the publicity.
    P.S. Come on now, best live band ever lol?

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