“Getting to know you….”

..getting to know all (a little really) about you(r team)”

There has been a lot of changes in teams and coaches entering the Challenge League this season. So, I thought I would utilise the hard work put in by Don and Preach (thumbs up!) to quickly scout the teams and pick out some players. These guys aren’t necessarily the stars of the team, just for one reason or another caught my eye.

“Billy with no credit” is a beastman with BlackIron SwampDonkeys. Great player name. Billy comes with extra arms and increased agility. Hopefully his earnings on field will mean he never needs a line of credit again.

“Tom the Anatomist” is a skeleton with Harryhausens. Comes with improved agility and pass!. Harryhausens also have a skellie with catch. Skeleton passing game = awesomeness. Can’t wait to see it.

“Neville Long Beard” is a chaos dwarf blocker from Hogwartz. LOVE the name and he comes with MB and guard. So kind of has the characteristics of book 7 Neville, and not the wimpish Neville you read about in the first few books.

“Shaniqua Bot” is a bull centaur with Madonatron v Shaniqua Bot. One of the named players and I love this guys load out. Jump up and diving tackle on a bull. Unorthodox, but what a fun player.

“Tom Kettering” is a lineman recently hired by Thee Grandiose Gladiators. He has no skills. By the book.

“Bloody Thorn” is a witch elf with new team ATX Longthorns. She has increased strength, movement and block. Her name is so appropriate for the pain she could cause to her opponents in the coming season.

“Markkan Fastfoot” is another chaos dwarf blocker, this time with the Taurawna Titans. He packs CLAWPOMB. So hopefully your players are fast of foot to keep away from this little stumpie, or he may just remove them.

“Chick N’ Pox” is a beastman with Plague Inc. It has block, tackle, extra arms, big hand and 2 heads. I bet he wished he had gone to the apothecary sooner.

So thanks to Don we no longer have to ask members for screenshots of your opponents, your team, your fixture list. It’s all right here with a few clicks. What a helpful blood bowl community we have. Enjoy.


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