Giver keeps on giving

Well Big Hope had done it and could say that they had played in the pros. Yes that didn’t get that important win but they did get a draw so it wasn’t all bad.

After just over 40 matches there were just three of the original team left, and only one of them that had played in all their matches and that happened to be Giver the Gnoblar. Giver had seen so many of his teams mates come and go, some had gone out in a box and been buried in the every expanding plot next to the training field . Some had just not turned up for training after their first match and didn’t respond to any messages that were sent to them.

Giver had been the unofficial captain for a couple of seasons but as he now seemed to be every lasting for the up coming his shirt would have the big C on it.

The coach looked around, once again he knew the up coming session would be tough but once again who knew that as long they were playing there was always a chance for a shock.

Giver had been writing a speech for his first captains talk, well more like scribbles, well in fact it was more of a drawing. The drawing was of him jumping up and down on a prone player. That was want he was going to do and he wanted his team to follow the lead. They needed to show that they were going to do anything to win even if that made the unpopular.

The Team were ready for another exciting season of blood bowl and this time they were bringing the blood.

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