Gobbo Devastated

“We found him in the corner,” said Preach “He was beside himself. Nothing we could do to console him.”

“He new, he sad,” commented Slim Pickens “just want smoothie.”

Preach went on to explain that the Grunts woke up to find new team addition Iggy Max curled up in the corner very distraught and depressed.

“I thought I’d get a fruit basket too,” mumbled Iggy “It’s all I ever wanted really.”

Not that orcs usually receive fruit baskets from Dignity for their stellar passing ability, the Grunts are no stranger to the High Elven Fruit – the late Leeroy Jenkins having received a basket after the last match against Dignity.

“We’ll take him out later today,” said Preach “let him pick something nice out – he deserves it after that pass. It’s not every day that an Orc team matches a High Elf team in passing, and Iggy made that happen for us.”


  1. Aw, poor little guy. Mail ran late today. …Hopefully his team bought him something AND he got a fruit basket.

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