Goblin Gambling 1T4G X Series

Introducing the Goblin Gambling 1T4G X Series!

Place your bets! – Goblin Gambling are known for many things in the MML and there are number of really great stories on the website which discuss how much influence they may or may not have within the MML.

Now Goblin Gambling are introducing a new Charity competition. Of course charity goes a little against the grain, but the stakes are real as you can witness the joys of Goblins coming into their own. But the Goblins won’t want to go it alone and so are bringing a troll with them for backup!


The competition will be a round robin format, initially with 12 teams. (This could be increased if there is more demand.)
The competition is open to fresh orc teams only, but all teams must adhere with the special rules.


Team Composition

  • Teams must have 4 goblins and 1 troll, initially. All other players must be line orcs, only.
  • If a team ever falls beneath the quota of 4 goblins and 1 troll they must seek to replace these players first.
  • Only if a player has 4 goblins and 1 troll may they buy additional line orcs.
  • Teams may not include any other orc positionals. (Thrower, Black Orcs and blitzers.)


1T4G is designed to showcase the amazing aptitude of the goblins and the troll so there are a number of special rules regarding placement:

  • At each kick off each player MUST attempt to field all available goblins and troll, who can be placed as the coach pleases.
  • Line Orcs must be placed according to the following diagram, where the top of the diagram is the LOS:

  • Line orc placement is non-negotiable.
  • IF due to injury of goblins/trolls a coach is forced to field additional line orcs then they must be evenly spaced on the same line as the ‘deep’ orcs (near the touchdown line.)

Additional Line Orc Rules

Line Orcs can do NOTHING. They must simply stand in place. If they are moved out of position. (For instance due to a thrown goblin landing on them, or being in receipt of a block, they may stand up.) They cannot throw blocks or take any pro-active action. They can be given skills should they level and can use these skills in so far as they are able to do so without actively moving. (They can use the kick skill, tackle skill, etc. If they roll double they could, for instance, be given diving tackle, but if this skill forced them to dive into a nearby space the only action they can take is to stand back up.)


The ONLY inducements available for teams during this competition are babes, rerolls and halfling chefs. All other inducements are banned, as are stadium enhancements.


The 4 goblins and troll may move and act as the coach deems fit. They may level, naturally, as the coach would like and on a turn they will be the only players acting.


Play will otherwise continue as in any other normal game of Blood Bowl. The competition winner will be the coach with the best record.


To be decided

How Do I Join?

Create your team and request a ticket from the 1T4G X Series competition in the MML Charity Tournament League.

Good luck and may the dice fall where they may!


  1. As it has come up. On a rules clarification question… If a line orc accidentally ends up with the ball, for whatever reason, he still can take no action other than a hand off to another player. (Goblin or Troll.) The goblin or troll will therefore need to move adjacent to the line orc.(Naturally the opposition coach can still attempt to retrieve the ball, as well, by blocking the lineorc.) The lineorc should attempt to hand off the ball as expediently as possible. Also bear in mind that it is not in the spirit of the competition to have lineorcs holding the ball for prolongued periods and in the unlikely event that any coach was attempting to deliberately place the ball in a lineorcs hands they may face sanctions. (But accidents will, naturally, occur.) – And again, good luck everyone! 🙂

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