Goblin Gambling Presents: dedbrokes.con


Welcome, welcome, welcome to dedbrokes.con!!
We deal in predicting the future & feed of keen insight, disgraceful smack talk,
acrid cigar smoke & as many complimentary little red pens as you can handle!

After running a highly lucrative (yet controversial) chain of betting shops
for several leagues in far off regions of the Old World dedbrokes.con have
endeavored to expand their business by opening their shop to the MML!!!
(lawyers have also advised them that operations on a new platform will mean extradition & obligations

towards existing lawsuits may become far more ‘beneficially complicated’ )

Thus we are now, once again (with the help of eccentric Vampire bookie Count Von McCririck!)

opening our doors and any & every MML Coach is cordially invited to this ‘no expenses
spared’, makeshift shack of cheap beer,sweet,tears,humiliation & broken dreams!

Sound good? Damn right it does!!

Allow us to explain the rules.

dedbrokes.con weekly gambling den – RULES

At the launch of MML season 10 a new text channel will appear!

It will be called ‘Goblin Gambling’s dedbrokes.con’
Each week an update will be posted for the following weeks games.
Place a bet on the outcome of these matches by making a post underneath.
A point is scored for each correct result & a further 2 points
if you can even predict the correct score!
At the end of the season the coach with the most points will have their name carved
for all eternity upon dedbrokes own coveted trophy (sponsored with our deepest gratitude
by Goblin Gambling)

Mungo The Ever-Drinking

It’ll take 2 minutes,
just copy & paste the playing order as i post the threads week to week &
include your predicted scores along-side.

For example:
Madonatron V Shaniqua Bot Vs Annonymous Muppets 8-0
Darkside Cowboys Vs Nurgle’s Rotters 1-1

As much comment & smack as you wish will also be greatly received!
(Although it would help greatly if your actual betting slip post is
kept to matchup & score only).
Betting will begin with the week 2 schedule to give everyone enough time
to get into the swing of things. Eligible matches to bet on will be

restricted to Pro League matches only.
Once the next match week becomes live i will post that no more bets can be taken for that round
& then post the matches to bet on for the next week of predictions.

Late bets cannot be accepted after this time. Also EDITED bets will be
considered spoiled bets & will also be void. (if you wish to make a new bet
or change your mind about a previous bet simply repost a new set of predictions
before the deadline.)

If you have any queries,complaints or objections just bear in mind
Count Von McCririck is quite absent-minded, highly corruptible & notoriously bad at keeping score!

Good luck coaches!

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