Gottleib Gladiators head coach Manny Schotts responds to Coach Jests post game team talk leak…

Usually quiet and reserved human coach gets angry at comments from lizard coach post game.

We managed to catch up with Gottleib Gladiators head coach Manny Schotts after his team drew in a tough game against the up and coming rookies TMNL.

However Manny didn’t waste time in showing his anger at some post game comments that were leaked to the media from the TMNL head coach Jests post game team talk.

‘Firstly lets get this straight they were in a game and at no time did I think they deserved to win because if you can’t score with those fast running weedy skinnies then you ain’t doing it right…secondly (he blasted at the reporters face), if my team didn’t stay down its because your Saurus hit like little girls, so yeah you got more blocks but you did not capitalize.

He continued to rant ‘the first half saw him score pretty early but only due to some very bad luck on my teams side and then he struggled to keep my team at bay and once again only bad luck stopped Vogin Jnr making a TDat the end of the first half’.

The reporter wants to move on but still Manny lectures,’ second half sees my team dominate and push for the line continuously which is why they had to block so much and we took great pleasure when big Tom finally injured one of those tadpoles’.

Slightly shocked from the hair dryer treatment she was receiving the reporter stood to listen to the final blast ‘we scored a great td and then at the death my team were a turn away literally from getting the win but it wasn’t to be….now we know he leads the conference by a net point and that’s fine, I mean even frogs get kissed by a princess now and again but the next time we meet I will have played against lizard teams a few more times as this league is infested with them and I will show this mouthy upstart coach and his little blue ladies that he should stick to writing lizbian erotica cuz there’s no place in this league for him’.

A cheer sounds from the dressing room behind as the Gladiators take great comfort and respect from the way there coach has finally hit back, the reporter on the other hand is off to get a hearing test due to the continual ringing in her ears from the blasting she received.