Green Tide Titans raise the Orky banner for the East in playoffs!

In a complete turnaround from normal Titan behavior, Thunden von Strutten acting head coach has come out bombastically after sealing their final win in the regular season.

Thunden had this to say, “IT’S ON!!! After consolidating the top of the Death Valley Conference I hope people see the potential in this motley crew of greenskins. We’re here to fight for this Championship and I want a shot at the Thrones. We’ll do anything to get there, and I hope the crowds appreciated the riskier style we adopted against the Thugz of Weldrake. Coming up against a beast like Grashnak Bloodhoof is no small feat, we threw bodies into the meat grinder and then asked Big Mo to take one for the team and remove his grotesquely sized opponent from the field… no matter the cost. As one heroic legend once said, “One shall stand… one shall fall…” and there was no Hot Rod around to stop us!

We’re raising the flag for the underdog, we’ve played some seriously good teams this season against coaches of great skill. We want the chance to represent them in the Championship play offs. We had a slip against the Power Hour which almost led to the sacking of Big Mo, but we show loyalty to our players and he paid us back this week. Not to mention the blood rituals and voodoo that the Power Hour indulge in which is strictly against Titans tea and crumpet policy. It’s not whether you get knocked down, its how you get up. We’ve learnt from that game and come back renewed.

We’re the chewing gum on Nuffles shoe! We’re the tick on the neck of bad rolls! We’ll be in the thick of it scrapping the good scrap and we’ll only stop when the final whistle blows, or when Big Mo has eaten the rest of the team.”

Thunden was shortly led away by security staff after turning the air blue when informed about the comments of leading Eastern coaches Commie and More_Shots. He was last seen attempting to bite the nose off of a reporter who suggested that Thundens gentlemanly nature was to blame for a lukewarm reception for the Titans in the coaches polls. Raving like a Chaos coach he was shuffled into the back of a van by some very short security goons from a company named “Frigid Chairs”…