Grimbeards dreaming of something bigger…..

When Kiaryuisz the Krafty killed Butli Tankard on the banks of Silversand Streams he must surely have known there would be repercussions but his ego and self importance clouded any visions of any future fallouts with these pesky dwarves from the Grey Mountains. How wrong he was, as the minute this news got back to the halls of the Granite City, their King….Drum Granitebourne tasked a small warband of Duradin to avenge Butli’s death and rid the land of this dark elf menace.

Vardrin lead his brothers through the chambers of Trestellan Towers. He had expected more of a challenge to get to the main chamber but again this dark elf wizard needed no army to defend him…he was Kiaryuisz the Krafty!! There were six dwarves in his company that day, Grimkrin, Valraz, Muark, Doric Ratsmasher, Gili Rockhelm and Throm Tankard the younger brother of the recently deceased Butli. When they finally faced Kiaryuisz in the throne room these dwarves had met no one of this magnitude, certainly this level of sorcery. Orcs were straightforward enough to battle, they try to cleave you and you tried to cleave them but magic in a battle was a new foe that faced the dwarves.

“Ahh finally you decide to crawl out from your holes to defeat me, how droll and predictable..” said a calm voice from the end of the room. There sat on the throne was the killer, the skinny, the dark elf piece of rat piss that was going to pay for his dealings with the Sons of The Grey Mountain.

Before Vardrin could mutter a command, Muark leapt forward hand axe at the ready and attempted to charge the filthy scoundrel but it was not a move of a wise dwarf. A flash of light, smoke filled boots…no more Muark! Kiaryuisz then conjured up three skeletons from his floorboards as if they were puppets on strings and his fingers their swinging sword hands. Doric and Valrez screamed a war cry and stacked these boney menaces while Vardrin took Throm and Gili towards the evil foe awaiting with his wry smile and piercing eyes fixed on the skeletons he had made appear. Sneaking was never a Dwarven skill so Kiaryuisz knew what was in the offing, he spun and with some muttering of words from a dark place, all three froze and not just in fear.. “What is this” shouted Gili, as his feet grew cold and his body pained from and invisible icy blade that scarred his chest. “A simple spell my little warrior, a simple but deadly spell”, the words rolled from Kiaryuisz’s mouth with ease as if this was no more than a mid morning exercise and not a battle to the death. All the long while Grimkrin had been unnoticed by the dark elf and the dwarf had made his way round to the opposite side of the room from where his brothers we’re perilously battling the wizard and his skeletons. He was wary of a glowing in the corner of the room and ever the suspicious dwarf he had to see if this was something that may aid him and his brothers in this fight. Once at the glowing, Grimkrin reached into a bag and pulled from it boots. “Boots” thought Grimkrin, how the hell will they help me. “Yyyaaarrrgggghhh” screamed Doric as his war axe smashed another figure of bones into oblivion, but this was the point that the dark elf wizard wound finally catch the eye of Grimkrin sneaking in the shadows and touching things that he should not be..”Oh shit” whispered Grimkrin as he heard words spoken in elvish and directed at him by the Krafty one which he knew would only end in tears. He slipped on the boots and ran just as another flash of light, smoke and no more..but wait…he wasn’t dead, how could he have moved that fast…he was quick of foot for a dwarf but that is still ridiculously slow in human or elf terms, no this was something else. Kiaryuisz knew what it was and he lost focus on the two dwarves who had finished off his boney allies, lost focus on the ice chill that had frozen the three Dwarven invaders at one side of his throne room, no his gaze was fixed on Grimkrin and those boots. “Give them to me little one, give them now and this will all be over”…his fingers clicked and fire burned from his hand. Grimkrin knew not what had moved him but he knew that yet again he needed to be somewhere else…whoosh…fires sizzled the floor where the dwarf had once stood but not anymore…”give me my boots of power you stumpy menace or…crunch. Kiaryuisz didn’t speak ever again after Doric struck his mighty blow to the temple…down he fell and with him the darkness in the room vanished and…

“Hey Grimkrin, you playing today or going to sit there dreaming lad” shouted Vardrin. “We’ve got a human team to smash and I have a feeling this is going to be a tough one” laughed the strong Dwarven linesman. “Yes yes…I’m coming” said Grimkrin. He pulled on his boots and made his way down the tunnel.

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