Grunt Nation Elects New Leader

GRUNT NATION – Weeks ago the Nation suffered a solid blow, knocking its wind out, when Preach announced his retirement as head coach of the New Orcland Grunts. It was shortly after that Warchief Thrall delivered the roundhouse that would KO the Grunts when he announced that he would sell off the team, effectively dismantling the Nation.

The Grunt head office had planned to sell the team wholesale to coach Thunden of the Green Tide Titans, but funding fell through as as of close of business last week no mutual settlement could be made.

“We are saddened that we could not come to a mutually beneficial agreement,” said Thrall “but we understand that a team such as the Grunts can be expensive. We held out our best offer to our orcish brethren, but we just couldn’t settle on the right number for both of us.”

The status of the Nation was in limbo until moments ago when Warchief Thrall released this brief statement:

“The New Orcland Grunts have been sold,” stated Thrall. “We have contacted the only person worthy of leading our tribe on to the pitch. A lucrative deal has been solidified, and terms agreed upon. The deal will feature a brand new Stadium with state-of-the-art astrogranite, as well as a negotiated deal for two new additions to the team. Effectively tomorrow at noon, the New Orcland Grunts will be solely owned and coached by, Preach.”

“We have every faith that Preach will continue to fight the Skaven menace, and bring glory to our orcish brethren,” proclaimed Thrall “One Nation!! One Tribe!!”

As word spreads throughout the Nation, Preach readies his inaugural address…we will bring it to you live.

It’s a great day in the Nation!