Grunt Nation Stirs

THE BATTLEFIELD – Amid rumblings and rumors of the possible release of the Grunts head coach, the New Orcland Grunts return home from a win-less road series. None of these things matter to the Grunt Nation however…at least not currently. Tonight’s game versus the Reptile Dysfunction will mark the Grunts Season 2 Homecoming game.

The last time the Grunts had a Homecoming game, the result was disastrous – for their opponent! Coaching staff and players alike are hungry for catastrophic carnage. The Grunt Nation hasn’t been this ravenous since, well ever!

Tailgating has already begun, and the Grunt Groupies have been spotted gathering around the locker room.

Pollsters and pundits have heavily predicted the Lizardmen to give the Grunts a sound thrashing, but the Grunt Nation remains faithful – at least until the result is posted. A lot rides on this game; reputation, prestige, future employment for the coaching staff to name a few.

It will be an interesting game to watch. Catch it LIVE! on MMLPro Live!.