Grunts Corporate office backs coaching staff, despite criticism

THE BATTLE FIELD, NEW ORCLAND – In the midst of the clubs worst loss in history, Grunts Corporate Office expressed confidence Wednesday that coach Preach will return the Grunts to prominence.

The Grunts Official invoked the name of legendary Blood Bowl coaches, when describing why Preach is the right man for the job.

“Great coaches have the ability to recognize talent others don’t and then coach it up,” Officials said in an exclusive interview with the New Orcland Rag. “Everyone in the MML will tell you those are qualities Preach has in abundance.”

“I’m confident Preach will bring us back to prominence, but it’s not going to happen overnight.”

Grunts are 2-3 heading into Week 6’s game against Mauz, equaling the Grunts’ worst ever record at this point.

A loss to Mauz would be the Grunt’s third straight against skaven teams, something that hasn’t happened since, well ever.

Internet message boards and call-in shows have been filled with angry fans calling for heads to roll, from the Head Office on down.

Grunts Corporate Leadership will step down next Season, acknowledging they’ve been hearing a lot from fans, who express a mix of anger, disappointment and support for Grunt’s coaching staff.

Preach said he’s as disappointed as anyone in this season, and the rest of the coaching staff are also disappointed. Preach said a combination of injuries to key players and failed rolls made this “a very unusual season.” He said he’s proud of the resilience players have shown through the adversity.

Grunts Head Office said those calling for Preach’s firing are also ignoring “the significant problems left by the former staff.”

Prior staff had a winning record, but the team tended to falter on the big stage, continuing a conference championship drought that has reached every season thus far.

Prior staff was not particularly successful recruiting in prior seasons, Grunts Officials said, there was “not a great culture” in the program, and while there are many good players on the roster, there is not enough depth of talent to cover all of this season’s injuries.

Grunts Head Office suggested firing a coach who is leading players he didn’t recruit after two seasons would make the job toxic in the MML coaching profession.

“How would you hire the next coach?” He said.

Some of the criticism the Grunts Head Office has faced relates to how suddenly and surprisingly they picked Preach, a coach with a career record just over .500 in all other leagues and someone who wasn’t on fans’ wish lists. Many fans suggest they where too quick to turn to Preach.

Grunts Head Office said that criticism shows a lack of understanding of the job of Club Head Officials, who spend much of their time considering who the next coach would be in every aspect.

Grunts Officials had a list of five or six top candidates that included Preach, and the Officials determined Preach was the right man for the job.

Grunts Officials said they have not had any serious conversations with anyone on the Board about the situation.

Reached by the New Orcland Rag, a Board member said he’s “patiently unhappy” with the 2-3 start but Grunt fans can’t get “too rambunctious” about the early struggles.

“We’ve got a new coach,” He said. “We’ve got to give him some time.”

Grunts Head Office said success in Blood Bowl is similar to any type of team endeavor. It starts with first building a firm foundation and creating a solid culture, he said.

“Everything I see tells me the coaches are doing that,” he said. “I can’t predict the future, but I would say we are better positioned at this point to regain our prominent position in the MML than any time I can recall, but it will take patience and support.”