Grunts Get Skuttled In Home Opener

THE BATTLE FIELD – The MML Season started off to much fan applause and grunting when the #5 New Orcland Grunts hosted the #2 Skuttle Butts at The Battle Field. While the teams seemed pretty evenly matched prior to the game, the Skuttle Butts quickly showed their quickness, scoring in their first possession. The Grunts where unable to capitalize on their possession, instead fumbling the ball, resulting in a touchdown by the opposing force.

The second half played out like the first, with the Skuttle Butts scoring on their possession and recovering another fumble, dropped by the Grunts goblin after being knocked out, and scoring in the last few plays of the game. The Grunts would loose their home opener 0-4.

When asked about the handily defeat the head coach of the Grunts simply stated, “rats.”