Grunts Host Ravens in Home Opener


“You know what’s worse than a vegan treehugger?” asked Preach in a quick press huddle outside the Grunts locker room this morning, “A vegan cave dweller.”

“That doesn’t make any sense coach,” responded a reporter.

“Doesn’t have to Steve,” replied Preach, “doesn’t have to.”

With that the head coach of the Grunts excused himself and entered the locker room. There is little doubt that the Grunts have performed exceptionally this season, handling the Warriors with ease and claiming a victory over the Season 2 MMLPro Champions in last weeks road win. When asked ask about the win against the Cold Hard Truth, Leeroy Jenkins responded by saying, “Season two chumps more like it!”

Looking forward to this weeks match, we asked some of the Grunt players their prospective:

“The Raven’s haven’t really done anything special except be dark and elven, but deep down they’re just treehugger’s without the trees. Which makes them just huggers,” said Mr. Jenkins. “Huggers of what? Who knows…who cares really.”

Slim Pickens had the following to say, “Leeroy say elf huggers bad. Slim like hug tho. Slim hug elf till headz pop off.”

This week the Grunts will be sporting green ribbons on their uniforms as a statement of solidarity against all things Gnome and Skaven.

Green - Liver

“We believe in a world free of Gnomish oversight and Skaven oppression,” said Warchief Thrall (Grunts Owner) “We extend our support to the Chaos Horde as they battle the Skaven oppression in the courts, and we congratulate the Grandiose Gladiators in their efforts to bring about the defeat of a staunch Skaven foe.”

The Grunts will host the Season 2 Goblin Gambling Champions, the Nevermoor Ravens on The Battle Field this coming Thursday at 7pm EST.