Grunts Skin the Dark Oak’s Alive

The Battle Field – Kicking off the start of the second season of MML play was the New Orcland Grunts versus the Dark Oak Deerskins in the MML Game of the Week!

Coming off a 1-1-1 record from the prior season the Grunts fielded a team hungry for a win. The Dark Oak’s, new to the league, pranced on to the field looking to establish themselves in the Iron League Conference early on. The Dark Oak’s are led by a returning MML Coach who, having resigned from the Cheese Greaters at the end of Season 1, was picked up to coach the Deerskins for Season 2.

The game was brutal from the start, with the wood elves receiving the ball and quickly making their way down the field. At one point the Grunts had one of the Dark Oak Wardancers surrounded. Leaping over the Grunt circle the Wardancer landed on his head and broke his neck – dead. There is some speculation from the Oak’s head office that the player had been struggling with personal issues off the field. “I guess the Leap of Death may have been a suicide. It’s sad to see such a young and talented wardancer throw it all away like that. We’re deeply sorry for our loss, but we’ll find a replacement soon,” said an Oak’s spokesperson.

The Grunts would go on to send two more elves to an early death, and shut out the Oak’s with a final score of 2-0.

“It was a well fought game,” said the Grunts Coach at an post game conference, “we just outplayed them on every level. That kick off to start the second half almost cost us the game though – so we have some work to do.”

What may have eluded the fans was the family rivalry of the Game of the Week. It turns out that Ninjatwok, the coach of the Dark Oak’s is also the son of the Grunts head coach, PreachMJ.

“It was good to see him take the field against me,” commented PreachMJ, “but make no mistake, he doesn’t get a free pass just because he’s my son. Frankly, he put up a great fight, even to the end – I’m proud of him. Of course, he’ll think twice before sas’n his old man now!”

The Grunts start the season as 1-0, and head in to week 2 averaging 1.5 kills per game. The Oak’s will like their wounds and try to rustle up some more tree-huggers to fill their ranks for upcoming weeks.

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