Grunts Tie Morningstars, Drumph Disgusted

The Battlefield

The roar from the Grunts’ home crowd was a stark contrast to the solemn demeanor of the Bretonnians as Leroy Jenkins trotted into the endzone Monday.  But this was not a winning score for the New Orcland Grunts, but a remarkable second-half Orcland drive resulting in a 1-1 tie against a disheartened and injured Mousillon squad.

“We had the Grunts on their backs and we let them back into the game,” Mousillon Head Coach Sturmjarl said in the post-game press conference.  “It was a tale of two halves as The Grunts came out noticeably sluggish in the first half. But I have to give kudos to Coach Preach for keeping his team in the game. One can never give an original Season One coach any opportunity. ”

“The tie is certainly disappointing but most unfortunate are the injuries we will have to deal with next week against Valhalla. I mean, we’re pulling a reversed to one side and all of a sudden the sky gets cloudy and a fireball comes down on our players.  What’s up with that? We had some magic wards conjured up before the game  for just such a situation. Unfortunately, The Earl of Duke left his ward in his locker.  Missing two Knights, particularly Player/Assistant Coach Godefroy is going to be substantial loss for us,” Coach Sturmjarl elaborated.  “We’re just going to need the lower classes to step up in the absence of the Nobility in the next game. Ser Dagobert cannot do it all by himself. ”

Morningstar owner Count Drumph was more heated in his reaction to the game.  “Unbelievably disappointed by the outcome.  Another unsanctioned wizard? Another corrupt referee? And how does the M.M.L. validate a team/owner who is also the League Commissioner? I’m utterly disgusted by the whole situation.”

Among the Morningstar injuries was the death of fan-favorite Peasant Nobody like you, Pedro.  Pedro’s  claim to fame was dishing out two casualties against Dignity in week 1, including killing Dignity’s Star lineman Magic.  When asked why the apothecary had not been used to save the popular Peasant, Drumph said, “You’re kidding, right? Pedro was good but he was also a PEASANT! This is the M.M.L. Pros, not some farm league in Albion or Cathay where they have “Socialized Medicine”!  Here, you have to PAY for your medical services. And that means the apothecary gets saved for the important players… who can pay…which is NOT peasants.”

Mousillon faces The Champions of Valhalla in Week 4.  (Bring it, Shadow!!)

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  1. Coach Sturmjarl and Drumph

    You are right there will be injuries and unfortunately for you Snow did not get to wrestle with anyone in week 3. This is means he is looking to get double his injuries in one week which is not good news for making Bretonnia great again. And don’t me started on the quota that Nike has to fill for scoring in order to keep his endorsement money for beer on track. So do not feel bad because as we say over here at The Champions of Vahalla “We are Eternal, your life is not” so in the end the death of your players is inconsequential.

    Coach Shadow

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