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The goblin who submitted the ATX Longhorns to the MML Challenge League perished mysteriously in a scrimmage between a G’ulf Coast Orc and G’ulf Coast Necromantic team.


The G’ulf Coast President of operations had wanted the G’ulf Coast properly represented. The Longthorns were supposed to be a second rate farm team. They don’t wear the proud G or G’ulf Coast name.


After an average first season the Longthorns are sitting in perfect position to make the playoffs. To get there they have to go through the 5-1-0 Crookback Roughnecks. A draw will not suffice. They have to win.


The G’ulf Coast president is just looking for an excuse to boot the Thorns back to the farm. Can Coach Dmdouble0 take his Thorns to the playoffs. We’ll find out this Friday.

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