Hall of Fame Season 11 Entrant Announced!

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The voting has now closed and we have a winner for the Season 11 entry into the MML Hall of Fame! After two rounds of voting one coach has emerged victorious to earn the crown and join Preach in obtaining this most highly sought accolade! He brings the Funshine, He is the Funguy himself, the MML’s very own Podfather… Coaches of the MML we give you the duly elected Season 11 Hall of Fame winner; Thunden!!!!

A very worthy winner, I am sure everyone will agree! Thank you to all who cast their vote and participated in the election! Now it’s just time to allow Thunden to walk up the red carpet and claim his crown!

Coaches of the MML, one last time, we give you your season 11 MML Hall of Famer; Thunden!!!

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