Ham Shank’s Twerper Post (S5 W4)

Ham Shank



So incredibly geeked to receive gift basket from @Royalty01, 1 of my heroes. Got a poster of u on my wall, man!



2,057                     5,279



Tharranduil @Royalty01

@HamShank It was an exciting pass. Short, but dodging a tackle and completing it in T16 for the win was great. #MostImpressive


Ham Shank @HamShank

@Royalty01 I didn’t make the T16 pass. Mine was T12. It was for 10 yards, though, and it went for a TD!


Freddie Gray @Gray03

LMFAO Pig Feet was on his back in T16!! This is #Priceless


Tharranduil @Royalty01

@HamShank Oh, that was a nice pass, too, I guess.


John Crawford III @Crawford07

Don’t worry, @HamShank, I appreciated that T12 pass. #TD


David Kassick @Kassick02

Give me my fancy fruit, Narc!!


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