The MML Session 9 has begun! But what about the Little Team of the MML Farm League is a documentary about their career.

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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, in the following weeks, we will introduce you to The Longbomb Carpenter’s Training Camp on The Individual Players and provide you with important background information.

Week 2

A hidden Cameraman tracks Carlos Santana Co’s longbombs coach through the corridors of the MML Headquarters. Carlos disappears in an office. The camera comes on the door sign JAG.

Carlos leaves the office after an hour and goes back to the training ground. He goes very quickly to the Office of Coach Stolzi.

The camera man secretly listens to the door and hears a few words.

Coach Stolzi: Is it finished?

Carlos: Yeah Boss, I do that for you!

Coach Stolzi: Well the plan works.

Loud laughter can be heard from the office. Suddenly the door opens and Carlos sees the Cameraman.

Carlos: what are ya doing heeeaaaree ???

Carlos swings wide, knocking the cameraman unconscious.

– – – – – –

In the meantime, on the training ground.

The Hehit twins stand at the block sled and show a few Lineman how they have to block.

Suddenly, Wes Stalker stands by them and laughs at them.

Wes: That’s what you call a block. I’ll show you how. You come here.

A lineman takes a few meters away from Wes and goes into position. Wes goes in position.

HuT HuT HuT!

Wes tackles the Linemand 3 meters wide through the air this kO to the ground.

The Hehit Twins look very impressed.

Wes: That’s a HIT!

Twins: Wes man you’re a damned recievier no blocker. This is our job .. say both with a laugh.

– – – – – –

Meanwhile in the locker room…

Longbomb Lerry is just getting dressed up for his workout in his locker Hanging a poster of Kris Terd.

Hard Knock’s crew: Lerry Lerry we have a few questions.

Lerry: Yes please ask calmly.

HKC: We’re just seeing the poster of Kris Terd. Why is it with you in the locker.

Lerry: He’s the best Jornalist of the MML It’s just great as he plays with the words he’s very gifted I hope I’ll meet him soon.

HKC: Well, we can do a bit for you.

Lerry: That would be amazing.

HCK: How is it running at the camp for you?

Lerry: So far, very well the guys are listening to what their quarterback says the passports come on exactly I can only say very well so guys I have to go.

After the advertising there will be a big press conference with the MML Comissioner Preach and Coach Stolzi. Stay tuned …

This is Hard Knocks.

Welcome back at HARD KNOCKS.

“The League would like to welcome coach Stolzi to the Challenge League,” said the Comissioner, “we wish him well!”

Turns Next Week Again Against Whom It’s Hot


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