The MML Session 9 has begun! But what about the Little Teams of the MML Farm League this is a documentary about their career.
If they are able to move into the Big leagues of the MML it looks with us at Cabalvision.


Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, in the following weeks, we will introduce you to The Longbomb Carpenter’s Training Camp on The Individual Players and provide you with important background information.

Week 1

The Bus stop in front of the training ground ..

The first Man to see  is the Headcoach of the Carpenters Stolzi84 former coach of the Rockstars Unlimited but because of doping suspicion of the MML the Rockstars get Suspended.
Coach Stolzi then accepted the offer of Carpenters. Second, Carlos Santana is the former Orc Quarterback and Co Trainer of Rockstars Unlimited.

This is very surprising for us what has an Orc here to look for an elf team ????? We would like to ask Coach Stolzi some questions about this.

Next come the HeHit Twins. For our information follow these are The Speeds of Carpenters.

And there’s the Quaterback of the Carpenters Longbomb Lerry! We will have an exclusive interview with him next week.
Followed closely by Wes Stalker and Rob Gronstealthy. The two recievers of the team.
Stalker looks as always very aggresive why we always hope to be able to fathom.

Little by little, the last players of the Carpenters are coming in.

After the advertisement the first address of the coaches. Since when it goes on with


Welcome back Blood Bowl Fans.

The whole team of Carpenters gathered in the meeting room.

Coach Stolzi84 and his coach Carlos Santana are in front.

There is a lot of tuschel …

Carlos: keep saaaa snooze All! Becauze boss hat wat to say!

Coach Stolzi84:

So first welcome friends I tell you one thing it will be a hard way and not every one of you will endure it until the end here.
We want to be in the CL of the MML and I do not tolerate any failure from anyone And who does not understand this … Carlos here certainly has Some arguments which he will blow you into the skull that you understand it.

Again a slight smell in the room.

Carlos: SHAAAAATTTT APPPPP !!! Carlos throws Prezise a ball into the face of a field player who also goes directly to the ground.

Coach Stolzi: In the next eight weeks you have to show me what you are doing. Who can moan Go .. who does not do what I say can go … Who does not give 110% can go .. !!!!

So get ready in 20 minutes go to the square and then you can show first what you’ve learned!

So friends this was it for this week also switches next week again.
We have an exclusive interview with Longbomb Lerry  The Quaterback from the  Longbomb Carpenters.

So do not forget here on CabalVison


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  1. Good to see Carlos still doing his thing. Even if it is now in a coaching role. Look forward to the next article.

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