Hard Times

DwarfGiant was drained. It had been a bitter sweet season. He and The Pumpkin Kings had achieved their goal of reaching a Bowl Game thanks to his coaching, bullying, bribery and intimidation. Sadly this had come at a cost.

The legend that was Bellyguff had paid the ultimate price. In the early stages of the game he had impaled himself on a Warrior of Nurgle’s claw of all things. Nuffle knows what the disciple of Nurgle had used as bait on the end of his claw that had encouraged Bellyguff to bite down so hard that it had pierced the roof of his mouth and unfortunately impaled his tiny little brain.

Bellyguff was irreplaceable. How could DwarfGiant replace the irreplaceable? But that was the task in hand. There were rumours of a Troll far out west with an unusual skill set. One that would perhaps prove more reliable than Bellyguff. Inquiries had already been made.

Who knows perhaps Bellyguff’s death could be a blessing in disguise? The team would be leaner and meaner. However, it did remain to be seen if a replacement Troll could ever throw a Goblin as well he had.

Unfortunately the team would be a little leaner than he’d like. Gramzla had also taken a knock and would be missing the first game. DwarfGiant was suspicious as to how injured he really was. Rumour had it that Gramzla was spending time with one of the cheerleaders he had hired earlier in the season – Beautiful Beula aka ‘Wellytop’. DwarfGiant allowed himself a chuckle. At least Gramzla could practice his piling on skill when he was away and hopefully come back ready to rip his opponents to shreds having missed a game.

Things weren’t so bad. Once Gramzla was back and he had secured the services of a new Troll, The Pumpkin Kings could have a decent season. DwarfGiant tucked in to his Troll steak. Very tasty. Yes, there was an upside to everything – plenty of Troll meat in his larder for the next few weeks at least. Best keep that a secret – it probably wouldn’t go down well with the rest of the lads.

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