Harryhausens laid to rest, what does the future bring?

As Hairy watched the last shovel of soil thrown on top of the shallow graves which the Harryhausens now occupied he felt his eyes fill up with pride and sadness. The all skeleton team which chose him to lead them on the astrogranite  which had swiftly established themselves as a fan favourite in the league, were no more, laid to eternal rest.


What was next in the chapter of Hairy_Warthog. Who would he next take the helm of and take into the number one bloodbowl league in the land? Hairy needed some time out and a break. He wanted to travel to exotic lands,  meet interesting people and kill them,  I mean talk with them, try new foods and drink and hopefully find inspiration for his future. The resubmission paperwork had arrived on his desk for the forthcoming season, he picked it up, read it through and through it in the bin. “Not this time, I need to go scouting for talent. I need to come back with someone as popular as the Harryhausens”, he said to himself. Hairy had arranged to meet Balwen coach of the Disco Divas in a far off land in a few weeks, maybe he could provide him with some insight for his future in between the drinking and exploring. He knew he would be seeing Josiah Frost in a couple of days whilst they both had a meeting with a time lord, perhaps he could steer Hairy’s future. Then again,  it is JoFro, the man who uses 60 words when 5 would do, maybe he won’t ask him. His old friend Fnords had been in touch again and there was talking about a meet up, which usually involved being very drunk.  The coaching options would be taking a massive change in a few weeks, the league would see many new races been established in the mml. So many possibilities, maybe one of those would be the Warthogs destiny. Halflings, too squishy and there would need be any food left after the match. Vampires, too creepy and unreliable in the sunshine, Amazons, mmmmmmmmmm they have their perks, some very nice perks indeed but Hairy’s restraining order prevented him being near them, Elf Union, no, just no!!!! Goblins and Underworld, well rats are bad for your health so that’s a no no, and Goblins?  Nah, they’re on stronger medication to calm them down than Hairy!!!! Ogres………….hmmmmmmmmmmmm Ogres. Now that is a possibility indeed.  He did his research and arranged to meet some ogre teams out in the far east on his travels, could this be Hairy’s calling?

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