Hezekiah87 presents “MML Showcase Night!”

Hello MML, Hez here with some exciting news. I have recently decided to take up streaming my favorite game, Blood Bowl 2 (ever heard of it?).  I will be streaming both PS4 and PC versions every Tuesday and Thursday night.  In order to celebrate the start of my totally awesome stream, I will be having MML showcase night.

On Tuesday September 13th 2016, join me from 5:00pm EST-10:00PM EST as I play blood bowl with coaches from the MML.  Don’t worry, if you live across the pond, I will upload every match to youtube as well!  Join in on party chat throughout the night, all are invited to share their personal thoughts and experiences with the MML.

As many of you know our Commish, Preach_Mj spends a lot of his own money on the website and hosting and what not, so show your support by clicking on the donate button. All proceeds from Tuesday’s stream will go directly to the Commish himself!



Schedule of games – all times are EST US

5:00- Coach Sestonn, Season 3 champion

6:15- Coach SeriousJest, the voice of the MML

7:30- Coach TBD, hopefully my week 1 opponent for Season 5, schedule permitting. (Stay alert, I may need an MML coach to fill this gap!)

8:45- Preach_Mj, The man himself, we will end the stream by cracking some skulls with the commissioner himself!




Thanks for the support MML, I hope to see you all on Tuesday September 13th at www.twitch.tv/hezekiah87





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