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Last season several people worked together to create the #HighlightThat reel. This video was an awesome expression of the greatness of the coaches of the MML. The highlight reel was unfortunately absent for a bit but its back! Without further ado, feast your eyes upon the S8 W1 #HighlightThat video!

Did you see an awesome play that was missing from the reel? Be sure to send a DM to Stuffnjunk84 on Discord with the line #HighlightThat! Include the teams, the turn in which the play occurred, and a link to the twitch stream. At this time only games that have been twitched are eligible. They do not have to be announced but it is highly encouraged.

The videos must be submitted prior to 2100 CDT each Sunday. The plays will be reviewed and ranked into the top 5 each week by myself and a few other coaches. I hope to have the highlight videos out by each Wednesday at the latest.

If you have any tips/suggestions for improvements please feel free to send me a message!

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