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Hello again fellow MML coaches and fans. Season 9 has just kicked off and that means it’s time for more excellent games and new Highlights! The #HighlightThat reel will be returning for S9 and here is what you need to know:

We will be running this as a bi-weekly video. Every two weeks we will compile the top 10(ish) clips and release a new video. If we receive a large number of submissions each week we may decide to change the frequency of releases.

Submissions can come from the Pro League, Challenge League, or any Charity Tournament. Farm game submissions are not accepted at this time.

Personally I am hoping for more participation from everyone. We stopped releasing the reels last season mostly due to the fact that we were getting only 2-4 submissions per week.


To submit a Highlight:

Send a Direct Message to Stuffnjunk84 on Discord. There are thousands of chat messages sent over Discord each day: if I do not get one sent directly to me, I am guaranteed to lose track of it.

This message needs, at a bare minimum, to include the following information:

League in which the event occurred (Pro/Challenge/Charity Tourney)

If Pro or Challenge, the Week of the Event

Names of the teams that were playing (Home Team first)

A description of the Highlight. Please do not just say something along the lines of “Check out turn 6.”

The turn in which the Highlight occurred (exact time would be nice, but not required).

A link to the twitch video in which the Highlight occurred. Please do not send a link to the channel. At this time if a video has not been twitched it cannot be added to the highlight reel.

If you send a message without this information you will NOT see your Highlight in the reel. The process of creating the highlight video is not particularly difficult but it is quite time consuming even without tracking down the right twitch videos and background information.

Videos will be released as an article on the website, announced in Discord, and added to this playlist (subscribe to get immediate notifications):


And while you are on YouTube, go ahead and subscribe to the Official MML YouTube Channel:


This channel contains most of our historic games so it’s great reference material for new coaches!

Good luck everyone! Let’s make some excellent Highlights in S9!

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