Hissstory of Violence baffled as consecutive opponents refuse to play them

The lizardmen and coaching staff at Hisstory of Violence took to the field this weekend to play some blood bowl but mainly in hopes of breaking a few bones. It was not to be however, as the opposition team never showed. The referee and the lizards waited on the field for over an hour before accepting that no blood would spilt that day. With no other options, the referee was forced to award the Violence with the victory. A riot ensued.

In their week 2 game, they were placed in a similar predicament as their opponents, the Brutal Dodgie Sick Meanies, walked off the field just before half time. The Violence were on the cusp of scoring a second touchdown before the Meanies vacated the stadium. With the Referees Guild unable to make contact with them, the match was declared a win for the cold blooded killers. A riot ensued.

With only one and a half games under their metaphorical belts, the lizards are a bit rusty heading into week 4. We can only hope that they manage to play a game this week. The authorities are dreading the prospect of another riot.