Home of the Fallen

Gorm sat in the team captains chair looming over the playbook he had been updating.  Making minor notations on old plays or completely ripping out pages, he began to see the errors he was committing.  He was taking this whole team captain thing to seriously.  When Raff handed him the position he fully believed he had shoes to fill when in reality Raff never wore shoes!  There were no shows to fill!  He had been running the team wrong this whole time!  The last season is proof enough.  The team started strong but then he got too worked up over needing to win and forgot to just enjoy the mayhem.  The bowl match against the Fire Mountain Brawlers is a clear example that the team doesn’t need to be serious about what is to come, just enjoy the moment for what it is.  Both coaches were having a ball of a time trying to out play each other and the all the players were running and throwing the ball, scoring, and bashing skulls in with smiles on their faces.  Every bruise, scratch, cut, and break are being worn with pride.

The door to the room opened and Nibbler Jr. peeked his pallid colored head around the opening, “Captain, it’s time.”

“Thank you Nibbler, I’ll see you on the pitch.”

With that Nibbler was gone, closing the door behind him.  Gorm closed the playbook and set it down on the right arm of the chair.  Exiting the room he walked down the catacomb corridor to the team entry gate leading onto the pitch.  Admiring the stands and the decorations of the stadium, Gorm swelled with pride for what the team has accomplished.  They may not when most of their games and sometimes they take the game a little to seriously but in the end he knew in his still, dead heart that he loved his team and Blood Bowl.  In the center of the pitch, Gorm saw the rest of the team standing around a large hole cut into the ground.  Walking over to the edge of the pit he could see all the players who have died for the team. He could at the least count fifteen ghouls, two wights, two flesh golems, and one werewolf.  Gorm looked to his left and asked, “Are you ready to begin Nibbler?”

“Yes captain,” replied Nibbler Jr. as we waved to his team to bring the newest addition to the mass grave. The zombie bearers placed its body on a the edge of the pit and stepped back.  Nibbler took up a position placing the body of the ghoul between himself and the pit.  “As tradition set by Coach and Raff, we commit our latest fallen to their final resting place and our home.  Bitey will be missed.  He was my mentor and the best damn ghoul this team has ever seen.  Which doesn’t say much we die so easy!”  The gathered chuckled at this grim knowledge knowing that it most likely won’t be long before they commit Nibbler Jr. to the pit.  “Coach and Raff decided when this team was formed that no player would be re-resurrected if they died.  Instead their bodies would be placed in a grave, in the middle of our home stadium.”  Doing so they believed that the fallen would be a reminder of what we play for and what is to come.  Also maybe just one day they may rise again and join us for one more match.”  A cheer broke out at that last remark and Nibbler let the crowd calm down before continuing.  “Now I’m sure that back then they had no idea that the grave would get this big! In my brethren alone we take up almost the whole center of the pitch! Hell we can make up a whole team of just dead ghouls if it was allowed!”  With that the crowd roared with laughter including Nibbler.  Once the attendance calmed down Nibbler went on to say,  “So without making this speech too long I commit Bitey to the mass grave in the center of our home, Tombstones R’ Us, so that he continue to play through us in the coming matches.”  With that final remark Nibbler lightly kicked Bitey’s corpse into the pit.

A hired wizard then came up to the pit and used his magic to fill the grave.  Following this a goblin crew came onto the pitch for refill the hole with astrogranite.  Once this was complete, Gorm turned to face his team and said, “Thank you Nibbler for you speech and helping us keep our traditions strong. It is now up to you to find your inevitable replaced!” With that everyone laughed as they all headed off the pitch.  “After all, where is the fun in a game if you take it serious all the time?  Take the time to enjoy the little things, those are what matter,” quietly continued gorm, just so Nibbler Jr. could hear him.

“I will do you proud captain and I will find a new ghoul for the team and train him.  I just hope I can achieve with Bitey had before its my time,” replied Nibbler Jr.

“You will Nibbler,” Gorm said as he led Nibbler from the pitch.

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