Hope for the Romantics?

Once upon a time, there was a Farm team of players from another dimension, brought here by a mysterious chainsaw-handed man, and schooled in the fine art of Blood Bowl under the tutelage of veteran MML coach, Serious Jest. Some viewed this team as dangerous, even if they had yet to peak, but those close to the team knew that they were mostly just a bunch of guys who supported each other through their romcomism affliction and hoped not to embarrass themselves too much in their first MML match…and what a challenge lay ahead of them!

The team traveled the winding dark roads to the Killoseum, the home of Diane, who was rumoured to be the most fearsome minotaur the MML had ever seen. Skilled in the finer arts of blocking and Mai-Tee-Blo, almost as fast as Gaesmal’s Hippy Sister, and equipped with tentacles that terrorized numerous lovers past, Diane was a true man-eater. Nevertheless, the Hopeless Necromantics steeled themselves to give it their very best. Instead of his usual famous pre-match speeches, Coach Jest simply played on the team’s locker-room crystal ball the greatest Valentine’s Day story ever told, “Deadpool.” Coach Jest really knew how to motivate his players. And despite the butterflies in most of their stomachs, they took the field and lined up to give it their best shot.


Shawn doesn’t watch romcoms! Shawn barely talks to his teammates outside of the pitch! Shawn accepted the trade to the Romantics for one reason and ONE REASON ONLY! TO KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES! NOW SERVING LUST (badly hurt from pile-on)! NOW SERVING PRIDE (smashed ankle from pile-on)! NOW SERVING ENVY II (badly hurt failing a GFI trying to come at me bro)! NOW SERVING BAN (KO’d during a pile on)!…WITH WHIPPED TEAM AND A TOUCHDOWN ON TOP!! STOP WISHING FOR FAIRY TALES AND LET THE SHOWSTOPPER SAVE THE DAY!!


  1. This article was submitted just before the Romantics’ last match against the Morningstars, so it didn’t end up getting posted until afterwards. There will probably be another story post-Mousillon.

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