Hornets Await Their Fate

As the MML regular season draws to a close and the attention of the pro and challenge teams is on their respective battles be it play off hopes or relegation battles for teams like the Hergig Hornets they await a decision from MML headquarters whether they will have a place a the table for season 9. Coach Kernig as done everything within his  power on and off the field to put the Hornets in the best possible position to be ready to start the next part of the journey to the top, should they be accepted to the Challenge League but competition is stiff for places and only the very best are considered worthy along with those that paid the biggest bribes.

The farm as been a challenge the Hornets met head on and have already formed a rivalry with Orc team the Rockstars Unlimited other Challenge League hopefuls include the Stompa Boy Buccaneers and Dio’s Midgets and along with the Hornets will be waiting with baited breath the decision on who will make the next step.

Good luck to all those who’ve applied and if you don’t get the call your bribe wasn’t big enough.

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