Hornets Invade Farm

We’ve all heard of Bing pro franchises like The New Orcland Grunts, the Flying Squirels and the Skuttle Butts but what of the those vying to be up there with those famous names, like the Hergig Hornets will they be  a future pro franchise or also rans destined to not even be a footnote in the annals of the MML? One things for sure coach Brun Kurneg is determined his team will lack for nothing in their tilt for the top. State of the art training facilities, top of the range kit for the players who’ve been cherry picked from the best local teams and colleges with a team of experts drafted to cater to their every whim, a new purpose built stadium in Hergig the capital of Hochland with big plans to expand and a deal with Sly Sports High Destiny to follow the club’s fortunes. Just where the funds for this start up franchise came from is open to debate a rumour circulating that the team has entered in some dodgy deal with the Goblin Gambling Company is the most likely truth. So what happens next? A record of 4-1-2 in the farm suggests promise, stay tuned for future developments….

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