How the Misfits came to be

Good day everyone, I’m lorgan Beastmen. Today I’m going to tell the story of how the Magrita Misfits came to be. It all started a few years ago in the great bay city of Magrita. Magrita is a great city of man. One of the most important settlements in Estalia. Under consistent threat from Choas, Undead, Orc and Skaven. There general Mr. Miyagi was under great pressure. Magrita’s general know as a humble man lived a secret life. Nearing the end of his time as general, Magrita was granted entrance into the great challenge league of the MML. Blood bowl gave him the answer that war couldn’t. The act of sport mixed with his trust for blood. As the years past he watched as team after team competed for the challenge league title.
The more Blood bowl he watched the more he wanted to step in and fill his thirst for this blood driven game. He hatched a plan but what team to recruit. Humans were to weak for this game, undead, Skaven, Orc would never be able to enter pass the gates. As he pondered he’s plan on a northern rampage he found a young beastman. It was the ugliest beastman he’d ever seen. His leg crippled, nose bent, one arm shorter then the other. As his sword raised above his head, something resisted the sword of its duty. A voice spoke to him. “This is your answer”.
Answer to what he thought. Then as if a black Orc ran him down. It came to him “BLOOD BOWL”. He grabbed the young beastman in his arms and returned to his tent. For the next year he learned all he could about his enemy the Chaos. The Challange league was close to starting and he thought about how he could convince the king and queen to buy into his plan. A few days had pass and he approached the king. He explained Magrita needed there own team to win the Challange league and give the people something to cheer for of there own. He explained this young decrypted beastman can help them give them that. The king was not pleased but thought about what his general was saying. “If you bring this chaos in to my city and they fail or step out of line its on you. Also my general with this you are also my general no more”. Mr. Miyagi walked away from the king with a smile he had not had since he was a young lad.
For the next while, himself and his cripple Beerz recruited the team. As the time past Mr.. Miyagi and Beerz struggled to get the players they needed. Time was running out before the League was to start. Behind the seen Beerz hatched a plan. Why try and get a whole team when there’s lots of chaos players looking for a team so Beerz set off. Mr. Miyagi sat in his tent. From outside his tent came a great roar of Minotaur. As he opened his tent there stood a small army of Chaos. He smiled and ground his teeth thinking a fight was about to begin but from behind the hoard a voice spoke. It was Beerz. Mr. Miyagi this is your team. He looked at the Chaos before him and thought. What the hell is this. A Minotaur with crossed eyes and the dumbest look on his snarling face. Behind him stood a pack of beastman. There faces were silent as if they didn’t know what was up or down. Then mr. Miyagi gripped his sword over come by his training. For there stood 4 Chaos Warriors. Strong, proud, ready to deliver blood to the chaos God Khorne. Beerz whispered in his ears. This is the best I could get, they come from all around.
In the coming weeks Mr. Miyagi trained this bunch of misfits, teaching them the art of war with the art of Blood Bowl. Off to the side young Beerz listened. Two weeks passed and the League was upon them. As the Misfits took the field an explosion rang through the stadium. Mr Miyagi fell to the ground Beerz garbed his mentor. Blood fell down mr Miyagi’s face. He looked up at Beerz and said ” the team is yours. Win, kill, make them all know who the misfits areeeee……………


  1. Good read Beerz – sad to learn that you lost your mentor. At least he died on the pitch!

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