Howling From the eye of terror

Bolster shots whiz past as raz and Ron blood brothers from a squad of marines in fenris tasked with chasing down the scourge of nurgles rot and death guard marines. As fighting dies a sharp ringing noise knocks the sons of Russ on their backs as psionic blasts and portals open with a laugh that is short of earth shattering the two see a tentacle shake hands with a claw the glint and glee of chaos abound. A pause then a deafening roar raz and Ron look at their once fellow marines turn cold dying on the ground like plague stricken vermin shrivelled and lifeless until a blast of sickening green light illuminates their once lifeless corpses and resurrects their shambling husks. Most are just creatures of hunger and void of mind but a few remain that can think for themselves. Suddenly the twins shake in agony as a horned best comes to them wolves you were born to be so wolves you shall be ! I am malar and I have made a bet about thee nurgle says you’ll die I say you’ll do the killing khorne is curious either way ,slanesh wants to see the pain and tzeentch will throw hurdles in your way can you prove them wrong in this feral form oh sons of Russ or will your souls be mine to devour I win either way . Play nuffles game and per chance you might find the wolfather and bring about the wolftime or maybe you’ll end up like leeman or should I say wilhelm.

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