Hunt Is On

Rumor. That’s all I have. I’ve been hunting for the eyeshit for weeks, months even. Nowhere to be found. As were SRO!!! in playoff picture. The little **** must have ran away somewhere. Then I got a rumor.

A reporter of Spike! magazine told me he has move to Latveria to train two of his offsprings, EyeCrap and EyeFail for the upcoming World Cup. Clearly, they are just too terrible to be part of a premier MML team. Still, this is an opportunity. An opportunity to get to my old nemesis.

I should take it. I have a few up-and-commers willing to work for me. We will train. We will enter the World Cup qualification. And if he is somewhere there, I will find him. And I will kill him. And I will take back my love. Even if that is my last thing to do.

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