Hunting Mongooses – The return of Vyburn Windwheel

The Reakers’ season has has started with a big disappointment, a well-deserved 2-1 loss against the Amazonican pumas. Without their star player Vyburn Windwheel, the team was uninspired and passive. All game, the Reakers were not able to attack the Pumas’ cage properly. The gap left by the death of Cavalorn and the unclear future of Vyburn Windwheel could not be properly filled. As you might remember, the former died last season due to nasty fouling strategies of the current MML-Pro champion Underground Souls while the latter had a dispute with coach Xurpils and his future with the Reakers remains unclear. One thing is clear after the first game, the two rising stars Cavalorn II and Hupertine Hurtless cannot yet follow in their footsteps. Hurtless messed up a 1-turn attempt by fumbling a handover while Cavalorn II lost his nerves and scored far too early in second half.

But enough of the bad news, we can exclusively confirm that Vyburn Windwheel will play this season for the Reakers! An anonymous source told us, that the dispute is over, Coach Xurpils and Windwheel have resolved their problems and the superstar will play in tonight’s top game against the Midward Isle Mongooses! Besides the known rivalry of both teams, the game is extra explosive this time. On the one hand, the Mongooses have beaten the current MML-Pro champion Underground Souls in the season’s opener and now want to take revenge for the humiliating 4-0 lose against the Reakers in last seasons’ opener. On the other hand, the Reakers need to show that they will be again a promising contender for the play-offs. Another loss and the positive vibes associated with Windwheels return will be blown out directly.

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