I am Serious Jest, of TMNL. #AMA. I’ll answer in 3 words or less—Bluedit

ntb_99  33m

What does TMNL stand for?


seriousjest  30m

All that’s righteous.


sturmjarl  26m

favorite TMNL player, dead or alive?


seriousjest  25m



Gerdleah  15m

What are the last 3 words the coach says to the players before each game?


seriousjest  14m

Honor the fallen.


thunden  13m

What’s TMNL worst loss?


seriousjest  11m

The last one.


thunden  9m

if you could recruit a player from any team who would it be?


seriousjest  8m

Gutrad, Wrecking kru


More_Shots  7m

What traits do you find most important in a blood bowl player?


seriousjest  6m

Bashy, dodgy, lucky.


More_Shots  5m

Will TMNL be back for season 5 if things don’t turn around soon?


seriousjest  4m

Maybe not.


More_Shots  3m

What’s your favorite color?


seriousjest  2m

Umm…blood red.


More_Shots  45s

Is the team cursed since concede gate?


seriousjest  1s

You know what, Shots?! GO TO HELL, YOU RAT BASTARD!!! YOU JUST HAAAAAD TO PUSH ME, HUH? Now I’m gonna go stress-eat carbs, you son of an orc! Are you happy now!!? It’s your fault!! IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!! YOU F—

–Transmission Interrupted by Admin–