I Wanna Win Too

“Are you serious?! That will never get through a board vote!” I yelled at this idiot Gobbo, standing by the window in my room.  The little Gobbo shivered a bit as the cold wind kicked up, and I smirked to myself. These Gobbos got stupider every time they came to me, I could swear it.

Always a different Gobbo, never giving me their name.  You’d think after everything I’d helped them with I could actually contact them when I wanted to.

“Just figure it out!” he screeched at me, as he ran down the stairs and out the front door into the night.

But noooooo, always some idiot Gobbo with half baked plans that their leaders expected me to form into something half passable.  Granted it didn’t take much to get these plans to work on the pitch, seeing as how all of the refs were on our payroll. I was more concerned with the growing attention from the MML coaches who were finally starting to notice maybe their league wasn’t as “Fair and Balanced” as they thought it was.

Was it really worth all this aggravation?  I still only had 2 wins in the pros to my name, and was still wallowing in mediocrity.  This deal was supposed to get me the respect I deserved… I WON THE INAUGURAL CHALLENGE CUP AND NO-ONE EVEN KNOWS IT!! 

I still remember sitting in the bar with Stop Rolling Ones!!! after taking one final loss in the pros, a vicious beating from a geriatric Chaos team that was retiring soon anyway because of arthritis…or something like that.  Terry Bruise and Greased Up Deaf Guy tried talking to me about Season 5 but I couldn’t even look at them.  I had already seen DEADIES of all things practicing their drills better than they could…things were looking grim for my future in the MMLPros. The deadies had started to earn my respect, but something was still off with the passing drills.  No matter how hard the Wights threw the ball, they had an awful time actually picking it up and getting in position!

That all changed with the only well spoken Goblin (He said if I called him a Gobbo again it’d be the last thing I ever said) I’ve ever met.  In exchange for a freshly slaughtered star elf thrower, (I told him I didn’t want to know who it was…but there’s always a dead elf lying about for our friendly Necromancer to…recruit) I had to support anything the Gobbos suggested to the MML Coaches Board.  It never occurred to me that the Goblin actually had the ability to PUT me on the board within just a couple weeks of striking the deal.

“I am so sick of their idiot plans, how am I supposed to pull this one off…” I muttered to myself as I watched The Foreman practicing his dodging skills in the middle of the night with a smile on my face.





  1. Wait… You won the Challenge League Cup? Why is this the first we hear of this? Give this guy a crown, stat!!

  2. Hmmm… Like your team emblem, this is all a litte fishy Rez, sir. But I think we might want to be on your good side….. 😉 😀

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