Immortal chaos have come

Whispers were traveling around the stadiums of the mml. The World Cup had been announced. The MML was to represent. Rats, elves, Norse, lizards, keslive, Amazon, dwarves, chaos dwarves, humans, undead of all kinds had all gathered to the MML headquarters. Outside Joe Dawson stood watching over the entrance as some of the best mml owners headed in to place a team in the battle to represent. The day grew late and Joe did not see some of the best chaos coaches come forward. His time of watching the chaos he thought at least one would come to answer the call. This could not be right no chaos coming to the event?? He knew of one that could lead the charge but his time was scarce with having to run Magrita and the Misfits as well but he had to try.
The next morning Joe headed out of town toward Magrita to find a coach to lead a team. It’s the World Cup he thought how could their be no chaos. A couple days had pace and Joe saw the great bay city of Magrita. He headed toward the great gates. He was detected toward the great hall where his hopes for a coach would be. He entered and saw coach Beerz with a few of the misfits.  Coach Beerz I was wondering if we could have a word? Beerz looked over nodded and Joe stepped forward. I come to see if you will answer the call to coach a team in the World Cup? Beerz looked at the human unsure who he was or why he came to him. I coach the misfits sir I don’t coach any others. Joe quickly spoke up. Yes and I’ve seen how well they play. I’ve seen how well all chaos have played but it’s the World Cup and it would be a sin if no chaos were to come and dominate. Do you have a team sir? Asked Beerz. No I do not. Well the misfits can’t play in the mml and a tourney at the same time. I thank you for coming but I can not help. Beerz walked away and Joe turned back to the door. He went down to the local drinking hole crushed that no chaos team was answering the call. For many centuries he and the chaos faithful have been watching chaos play blood bowl. He sat in the back corner downing pints after pints. The moon was high in the night sky when Joe stepped out past the gates and into the fields out side the city. As he stumbled looking up at the night sky his foot struck a rock and he tumbled to the dirty ground. Oh nuffle we need a team. A team that will never die and dominate the pitch. He’s eyes started to close.
Suddenly the clouds took over the sky. A load crash of thunder shook the land. Lightning light up the sky with that the shadows ran as if something had scared them. Joe raised his head in horror by the nose and light. In front of him stood 12 people. 4 chaos warriors and 8 beastman. His eyes widen in fear. Who are you? He asked stiff with fear. We are the immortals of chaos and we’ve come to play and destroy all others. In the end we will be the only ones. Joe looked them over. He did not see a face he knew. He gathered his cane and stood to his feet. I’m Joe Dawson the story teller of chaos. A figure stepped forward looked over the old human. I’m Duncan MacLoad and were the immortals. We are the greatest chaos to ever step in the old world.  We’re here to answer the call and take over this game of blood bowl.

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