In Memoriam

As Season 9 of the MML draws to a close it comes time to sit back and reflect on the previous season.

A mid season promotion after a whopping 3-0-0 start lead to a still very respectable 5-1-1 for the full season, everyone on the notably reclusive team has already been awarded their bonus which they’ve asked to remain undisclosed…..

Of course the season wouldn’t have gone as well as it did were it not for the heroic sacrifice of some key players throughout the season, in no particular order;


Sindri: Level 2 Dodge Assassin 

Liked: Standing next to Dwarves, Being surfed to death

Disliked: Actually stabbing things

Indrick Boreale: Level 3 Block Leader Runner

Liked: Naps, not moving very much

Disliked: Being on the pitch

Limthrin: Level 4 Blodge Kick Lineelf

Liked; Hoofing the ball up field, Bloodweiser Babes, Not being on the Line of Scrimmage

Disliked: Minotaurs

Riitain: Level 3 Wrestle Kick lineelf

Liked; Limthrin

Dislked: Kicking the Ball (Editors note: he had a surprisingly sunny disposition for a dark elf, It may have been the massively inflated pay contract he is rumoured to have signed midway through the season after Limthrin’s unexpected death at the hands of Orgrimar of Tainted Destroyers)

Lucifron: Level 2 Blodge Blitzer

Liked: Goth Rock, Eyeliner, Loitering in the team graveyard after training

Disliked:His Parents, Authority,

Strikes: Level 3 Blockstep Witchelf

Liked: Dancing Gymnastics, Blood Sacrifice

Disliked: Armour


Riitain and Limthrin, both superstar kick players having been training together on the team since day one of the MML we salute you. May you forever serve the Witch King in death!

(Editors note, it is commonly believed that the shrewd Dark Elf coach tactically sacrifices his players on the pitch in honour of Nuffle and furthermore some superstitious sports fans believe this can even influence the outcome of the match in their favour!)

Always remember Sportsfans, as Assistant Coach Giantdad says, Get back up and Pwn them!

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