InGen Dino Clones

Deep in the Galaxy’s unknown regions a new team is born. Under the warm glow of a blue sun the InGen corporation continued its diabolical experiments hidden from civilisation. Now possessed with a single minded devotion to one cause, to return to the MML and win their rightful place as the ultimate in Lizardman blood bowl perfection.

The last team had only managed one trophy, a bloodwiser bowl victory. But it was enough to fuel an unrelenting hunger for more, and the corporation knew they needed to combine the old teams desire with a fresh new approach. Thus the cloning began. At first they produced only hideously deformed creatures who could barely walk (but would still be too skilled to play for a dwarf team) and those rejects were put to work making cups of Lustrian Leaf Tea for the scientists. The next batch showed more promise, disgusting beings with their insides on the outside but they could pick up the ball and even make a block. These weren’t good enough for InGen so they sold them to a Nurgle team for extra coin. They are still to this day the best looking players ever fielded by a Nurgle team, unfortunately they reacted badly to the Nurgles rot and disintegrated one rainy day. InGen refused to pay a refund and the InGen Nurgle fued got fired up again. Every third letter the corporation receives now contains some infected skink meat or anti-lizard hate mail.

Finally the DNA mixture was perfected. A new InGen is born! This time there will be no rushing or farming up, InGen will be built up in the MML from scratch to become future legends. Slibili has already signed a contract with InGen to play against established teams and Hemlock is sharpening his blade on the bones of dead gutter runners. We may not have a Kroxigor (Yet) but that means more skinks and everyone knows, Skinks are the best players in Blood Bowl!

Bring on the next Season!

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