InGen unleash new ‘Enhanced’ Fans

In a move that took the MML completely by surprise and many described as “wtf!?”, the InGen corporation unleashed their newest experiment on the world, or more specifically they unleashed it on coach Bubiman and his Rat Lives Matter movement.

Enhanced fans! That’s right, not content on manipulating the genes of their players, those madcap mutant lizards created an entire stadiums worth of horribly twisted and deformed reptilian fans. They unleashed wave after Lustrian wave of cheering so loud it damn near tore the fur off the hapless rats backs! Earning the team multiple rerolls… What’s more they managed to storm the pitch and stun seven, that’s right SEVEN!!! Skaven players whilst only slightly confusing one Saurus. The InGen skinks were able to run rings around the Skaven and even threw more than one completed pass right over their heads!

The MML will almost certainly have to investigate and start screening InGen fans at the gate, so this has to have been a one off move. But it was deployed just at the right time to get InGen Dino Clones through to the Pro Semi Finals for the first time ever! Since season six InGen have never had such a strong side, playing so faithfully to the team ethos and reaching so far towards the ultimate goal, which is of course…

…one day beating Thundens Nurgle Team!

Remember folks, six saurus is bloat! Never sack a skink! Play those passes! #Justscore and save the skinks! This is the ultimate way to play Lizards, and InGen corp would like to officially state that the Apothecary who chose to heal Clone of Apocolasaur rather than protect the Skink army has been sacked, chopped up and fed to Dino Kettering.

As a side note, Dino Kettering wants to avenge the death of his predecessor Dino Indoraptor, an adorable and fluffy pile on krox who was savagely murdered by Coach Thunden… investigations are still ongoing but one InGen security representative recently stated that the murder was “Premeditated, Really mean and made me sit on the floor crying”. Whilst he also stated that the Death of “Some Rat thing” in the most recent quarter final was “pretty funny actually”.

InGen Dino Clones enter the Semi Finals at full strength with more bloat than Denis Nedry after a hot dog eating contest and less relevant skills than Donald Gennaro sitting on the bog. But somehow we made it this far! So bring on the next challenge! Xlatauh wants to run rings around some elves whilst Clone of Black Marsh just wants to smash them to pieces, let’s hope they both get their way! Or maybe we get that ultimate grudge versus the wretched nurgle!

No dwarves please!

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