Ink Still Drying on Mauz Sponsorship Deal

The proud Blood Bowl city of Camp Brandy has seen quite a disturbance as of late with all the controversy surrounding their recently deceased Mauz players. Amidst all the drama a diamond in the rough has emerged in a new sponsor. A local dairy company by the name of Brandy Creamery  has signed a lucrative multiyear deal with our beloved Skaven team. This deal will include the release of several Mauz branded dairy products including cheeses, sour cream, and a specialty brand of banana flavored milk under the name of Mauzquick in reference to how quickly Mauz are able to score touchdowns and in remembrance of the deceased players. Brandy Creamery products will now be available at all Mauz games for both fans and visitors to enjoy! Free samples of Mauzquick will be provided at this week’s game against The Grandiose Gladiators. Mauz officials have stated that Brandy Creamery logos will be finding their way onto player’s uniforms alongside the Just Score Magazine that has been on the uniforms since the Orcidas Bowl. We caught up with Brandy Creamery CEO Rat Hogan earlier today during his press conference announcing the deal with Mauz officials.

“You know brother when I heard about what that sorry Chaos team did to our hometown boys here I was fighting mad. I had a great respect for that team as they played a hard fought game against our boys. But when I heard about them stealing the heads of the dead players and preventing a proper Mauz burial and how much it affected those poor rat mamas, it all came crashing down, and you best believe it hurt inside. I had to take a stand, it didn’t help to hide. That’s when I contacted my old friend Johnny Malice (Mauz Majority Owner) and said I wanted to help those poor boys families. “I said brother we got this new line of banana milk coming out and we need a spokesperson to help us get this thing out. How about we sign us up a little deal, put the dead players on the bottle and these things will sell like hot cakes! That’s just what we did! The proceeds from every bottle will go to the players’ families as retribution and consolation to the terrible act from the Chaos team that they had to endure. I’ve also gifted them a Brandy Creamery scholarship for the little brothers of the passed away players so they may go to rat college and follow their in their big brothers’ footsteps and fulfill their dream of being a Mauz player. Thank you all for coming out today! It’s been an honor mourning with all of you on this day and we will bring Bill COWher Power Hour and their coach More_Shots to justice!”

We attempted to contact coach DaltMc about this matter but unfortunately the new team policy enforces a strict media embargo in the days leading up to a game unless we are contacted first. We will be sure to get you his opinions on the matter and his comments on their upcoming game against Thee Grandiose Gladiators as soon as it is played. As always you are reading the Mauz Tribune the first to bring you news on Mauz and the MML alike, be on the look out for updates soon!